Greetings, my friends...

I am Richard Doodle, or simply Dick, a serious artist residing in the serene hills of Cumbrian, North England. Within the cozy confines of my well-kept cottage near Kirby Stephen, I find solace in my favorite pastimes: dry-stone walling, hiking, and the art of sketching the phallic form. Allow me to share with you the fascinating world I have crafted—a world where comedy and seriousness intertwine in perfect harmony.

You may wonder, why the phallic form? To me, it is not a subject of silliness, but rather a revered art form with a rich history spanning thousands of years. Since the dawn of our species, depictions of this awkward shape have adorned caves and temples, transcending cultures and generations. I see it as my duty to perfect this art form, embracing its quirks and celebrating its role in our collective human expression.

Picture me, diligently penning sketches that capture the essence of the phallic form. Each stroke is deliberate, every line a testament to the awkward elegance I aim to convey. I invite you to join me on a visual journey—an exploration of the profound connections between humor, art, and the human experience.

You may question the seriousness with which I approach my subject matter, perceiving it as comedic. But dear friends, comedy and art are two sides of the same coin—a delicate balance that mirrors life itself. By embracing the inherent silliness of my chosen muse, I challenge conventional notions of what art should be. In this audacious juxtaposition, I find freedom—a platform to explore the depths of human expression.

Take a moment to explore my online gallery and immerse yourself in contemplation. Each artwork holds its own tale—delicate sketches that intertwine with grace. Every piece reflects my unwavering dedication to perfecting this ancient art form.

Now, you have the opportunity to own my one-of-a-kind art pieces for yourself or as extraordinary gifts.

No matter where you reside in this vast world, fear not, for my art knows no boundaries. With worldwide shipping, I ensure that my unique creations can grace your walls or surprise your loved ones, no matter their location.

With warm regards,

Richard Doodle